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BW Papersystems Service Department is a highly dedicated team of people committed to giving the best customer support in the industry. Factory-trained technicians are available for machine installation, emergency service, machinery updates, and regular maintenance. Our full-time service technicians are located throughout the world for fast response and help. Contact us today!

BW Papersystems operates on the premise that communication and technology are integral to building customer trust. This is true in regards to both internal, and external, relationships for BW Papersystems’ field service team. The field service team is responsible for installing new equipment, upgrading installed equipment and maintaining equipment for their customers. In some cases, that involves trouble-shooting the machines and processes for faults in the mechanical and electrical systems. To do this, the team utilizetools with the purpose of capturing, sharing and documenting group knowledge with each other, and with their customersto get information, into heads and hands of everyone as soon as possible. It started with being able to remotely log-into customers systems, and has grown to include recently introduced webinars and an internal search engine.

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  • BW Papersystems utilizes technology to share knowledge and to communicate better with customers

    BW Papersystems operates on the premise that communication and technology are integral to building customer trust. We are using different technologies and tools such as remote diagnostics to make sure we can support our customer's at our best.
  • BW Papersystems introduces: Portable Remote Service System “ExpertOnline to Go”

    If at a certain point your maintenance personnel are not able to resolve an issue that has led to an unplanned machine downtime, you need expert support – immediately. With the portable “ExpertOnline to Go” box at your production facility you have direct access to our expertise.
  • ExpertOnline - Our remote expert service for WillPemcoBielomatik equipment

    Learn how our ExpertOnline remote service can save you both time and money. ExpertOnline is an internet based working and communication platform. Its multi-channel, interactive communication tools allow a precise, specific and fast fault diagnosis - directly from a BW Papersystems technical specialist. But without delay, without travel costs.


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