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Cut-Size Packaging Machines

We are the leading manufacturer of innovative, efficient cut-size ream wrapping and packaging systems for the paper industry, including the field's highest speed machines. With our comprehensive range of products, we can supply whatever assembly line component you need, from the sheeter up to an entire turn-key line with MES integration.

Cut-Size Ream Wrappers

For the paper industry, we offer innovative, efficient cut-size ream wrapping and packaging systems, including the field’s highest speed machines. The ream wrappers are ideal to be combined with one of our cut-size sheeters and further downstream packaging equipment for a full cut-size production line. Depending on their configuration, our wrappers are designed for mid to high speed wrapping of standard U.S. and metric ream sizes, running wrapping material ranging from standard Kraft, poly coated, or polypropylene wrapping paper.

Ream Stackers / Accumulators
Ream stackers / accumulators precisely stack reams to preset heights and ensure smooth product handling. Our machines are available as last-in/first-out (LIFO) or first-in/first-out (FIFO) configurations. If necessary, stacks are diverted to an accumulation belt and automatically fed back in line when production resumes.

Case Packers / Lidders
Case packers / lidders are a key component in a cut-size ream production line. The case packer / lidder cases single or double stacked reams of a wide range of formats with precision fit every time, using the stack as a forming mandrel as case and lid blanks are formed around the stack and glued.

    • AutomaticCasePackerCSC60
    • AutomaticCasePacker-CSC60Machineoverview
    • AutomaticCasePacker-CSC60casingprocess
    • AutomaticCasePackerCSC60casingprocess

    CSC 60

    Fully automatic, intermittent motion case packer for multilayer package of wrapped cut size reams - for connection to a medium-speed cut size line.


    • PaperReamWrapperModel32Machineoverview
    • DetailviewPaperReamWrapper-Wrappingprocess
    • DetailviewPaperReamWrapper-Wrappingprocess
    • DetailviewPaperReamWrapper-Wrappingprocess

    Model 32

    The Model 32 ream wrapper is designed for mid-speed wrapping of all metric and standard U.S. ream sizes including half-ream packages.

    • PaperReamWrapperModel33MachineOverview
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailView
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailView
    • Detailviewmachine

    Model 33

    The Model 33 ream wrapper combines speed (up to 120 reams/min., A4), servo drive technology, and ream size flexibility. It is designed for worldwide metric standards and precise ream packaging in kraft, laminate & polypropylene wrapping materials.

    • Machineoverview
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailViewWrappingProcess
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailViewUnwindstation
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailViewReamTransport
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailViewWrappingProcess

    Model 390

    The new Model 390 is ideal for integration with high-volume cut-size sheeting operations where exceptional quality is a must. The machine is designed for high-speed wrapping of standard U.S. and metric ream sizes.

    • ReamStackerModel137
    • ReamStackerModel137Conveyor
    • ReamStackerModel137MachineOverview
    • ReamStackerModel137Endproduct
    • ReamStackerModel137Collecting
    • ReamStackerModel137Transport

    Model 137HS

    The Model 137HS ream stacker/accumulator precisely stacks reams to preset height and ensures smooth product handling.

    • CartonizerModel163Machineoverview
    • CartonizerModel163Cartonizing
    • CartonizerModel163Details
    • CartonizerModel163CartonizingProcess
    • Cartonizercasecasessingledouble

    Model 163

    Versatile cartoning of a wide range of ream sizes in both two-piece or wrap around style boxes.

    • AutomaticCasePackerModel162machineoverview
    • AutomaticCasePackerModel162LidLoad
    • AutomaticCasePackerModel162Caseprocess
    • AutomaticCasePackerModel162Casing

    Model 162

    Precise, high-speed casing of single or double-stacked reams with only limited operator Interface.

    • CaseInspectionSystemModel123Machineoverview
    • CaseInspectionRejectStation
    • CaseInspectionCaseInspectionProcess
    • CaseInspectionCaseInspectionProcess
    • CaseInspectioncasessingledouble

    Model 123

    Precise inspections of all cases for defects and packaging quality, including a simple,
    ergonomic case re-insertion mode

    • ReamInspectionSystemModel124Machineoverview
    • ReamInspectionProcess
    • ReamInspectionReams
    • ReamInspectionTransport
    • ReamInspectionMachine

    Model 124

    Precise, accurate inspection of wrapped reams and automatic, in-line rejection
    of defective reams

    • PaperReamWrapperCSW253075machineoverview
    • PaperReamWrappingMachineCSW253075machineoverview
    • ReamWrapperCSW253075wrappingprocess
    • PaperReamWrapperCSW253075Endproduct
    • ReamWrappingMachineCSW253075rollstand

    CSW 25 / CSW 30

    Inline or stand-alone, size variable ream wrapping in Kraft paper from reel or sheet dispenser or in PP film from reel.



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