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Used 2011 GRM Folio-Size Ream Wrapper

  • Depalletizer, Unwind Station, Ream Wrapping Section, Buffer Belt Conveyor, Palletizer System
  • Up to 17 reams/min, 80 to 350gsm paper weight
  • Sheet Range:
    Miniumum 297mm x 420mm
    Maximum 1000mm x 1400mm
  • Ream thickness 15mm - 80mm max
  • Ream weight 6kg – 60kg max
  • Hot melt glue sealing
  • Working height level 2650mm
  • Ream stack height – discharge including pallet 1800mm
  • Warranty not included
  • Prints and Manuals included
  • Customer inspection required
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Used 2011 GRM Folio-Size Ream Wrapper


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