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Used 2005 MWU SheetRunner Sheeter

  • 2200mm (87”) SheeterRunner Precision Sheeter
  • Dual Rotary Direct Drive 100L Knife
  • Model 1 Shingling Section with Reject Gate, Top Belts, Vacuum Modulated Overlap, Jam Detection, Soft Nip Snubber Wheel Assembly
  • Stand Alone Semi-Automatic Web-In Slitter 4 Pocket
  • Horizontal Web Aligner (qty 1)
  • Model I MWU Bow-Tie Splicer
  • MWU BTP power positioning Decurlers (qty 2)
  • 1830mm (72”) diameter MWU Dual Fixed Position Pivoting Arm Rollstand (qty 1) Powered Paper Roll handling System (new tracks required)
  • Stacker with Plastic Mesh Conveyor LIft Table 1830mm (72”) Stack Height
  • Accumulation Conveyor for Continuous Stack/Skid Delivery (Slow Speed)
  • Wire and Wireway provided AS-IS. Dependent upon removal
  • Prints and Manuals provided
  • Warranty not included

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Used 2005 MWU SheetRunner Sheeter


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