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Used 1985 SHM 1400HS Sheeter

  • Sheeter Slitter, Knife, Stacker. 55-inch (1400mm) SHM Sheeter
  • Hi-Lo Reelstands
  • 3 Tidland Slitters
  • 1000 fpm (335m/min) maximum mechanical speed
  • Piler with Metal Skid Plate, 2 pocket capabilities, 48-inch (1200 mm) Pile height
  • Knife Outfeed Tape Belt Section, Reject gate, Shingling Section, and Accumulation Conveyor
  • Sheet Width 55-inch (1400mm) inch maximum
  • Sheet Length 60-inch (1575mm) maximum
  • Prints and Manuals provided
  • No Warrenty
  • Customer visit and inspection required

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    Used 1985 SHM 1400HS Sheeter


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