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Used 2011 MWU Knife, Stacker, MCS

  • 2500mm (98 in) Maximum Paper Width
  • 350 MPM (1150 FPM) Maximum Speed
  • Double Level
  • Model III MCS Knife
  • Knife Outfeed Section 48110-0500
  • Model HP MCS Downstacker, Right Hand Drive Paper Going, Left Hand Discharge Paper Going, 3050mm (120 in) Lower level, 4060mm (160 in) Upper level
  • 35” between knife levels
  • Active Cooling for Control Cabinet
  • Prints and Manuals provided
  • Certified Rebuild, Power-up, and Test options available

Pricing, Installation and Delivery upon Request.

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Used 2011 MWU Knife, Stacker, MCS


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