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The TAL-165 Is the most flexible solution for multi-layer converting in the RFID industry. With its strict modularity, it allows for nearly unlimited process alternatives. As our strongest performer the TAL is speed efficient and offers lowest cost of ownership in mass production scenarios, as well as highly complex product designs.

As all modular BW Bielomatik RFID machines, the TAL is easy to operate and maintenance friendly.

• Largest available machine frame for most flexible process configurations
• Production: reel-to-reel labels and tags, reel to single ticket, folded products, delam-relam
• Processing of self-adhesive materials and/or hotmelt application
• PUR hotmelt option available for contactless Smartcards, NFC gaming cards
• High speed register placement of dry or wet inlays
• Numerous converting options
• Easy implementation of new processes and customization, with short time to market
• Excellent accessibility, user friendly and shortest Setup changes in the industry
• Modern servo-drive and controls technology

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Modular High-End RFID Converting Machine - Transponder Attaching and Laminating


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