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The TagLiner is the highest capacity chip attach solution in the RFID industry. Applying best practices from the semiconductor industry, it greatly overcomes existing process bottlenecks. Each process station is using the same modular ultrafast index station, allowing for extremely precise positioning. Very high bonding quality can be achieved, demonstrated with a durability which proves to be best in class under mechanical stress testing. The TagLiner also targets the use of simpler and cheaper raw materials such as non-transparent substrates, like paper.

  • Unrivalled gross output of up to 48.000 uph
  • High throughput even at longer product pitches
  • Simple single-track design for easy operation
  • Shortest collet change times
  • Very short setup times due to simple curing system
  • High speed servo-controlled thermo compression curing system - better control of impact, force and height
  • High precision glue dispense system
  • Works with both transparent and non-transparent
  • Vision systems have no influence on uph


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The TagLiner is the High Volume RFID Inlay Manufacturing Machine


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