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SmartOne T-250

Modular High-Performance RFID Converting Machine -Transponder Tickets and Labels

The SmartOne T-250 wet inlay and label attaching machine accepts 10 inch web widths, incorporating the innovative features of BW Bielomatik RFID converting machines built during the last two decades. These field proven features include the unrivalled ability to perform up to 60,000 inlay insertions per hour through the use of intelligent servo drive technology and high speed HF and UHF testing units. The machine is renowned for ease of operation and short setup change times.

• Solid and compact machine frame for low-cost mass production
• Reel-to-reel Smart Label production
• High speed register processing of pre-die cut labels andwet inlays
• Backside registration possible
• Highly flexible format range, no format parts
• Excellent accessibility, ergonomic design, short Setup changes
• Modern servo-drive and controls technology

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SmartOne T-250
Economic High-Speed RFID Label Production Machine


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