Barry-Wehmiller Network
    • Pre-Owned, Certified Marquip Model I Splicer

    SPLICER: Used Certified Marquip Model I Splicer

    Our used certified Marquip Model I splicer features splice speeds of 150 MPM (500 FPM) to 300 MPM (1000 FPM). The machine also uses automatic tension control with an operator lighting system.

    • preowned-cutoff-knife

    KNIFE: Used Certified Cutoff Knife

    With energy-efficient air-cooled motors and drives, this used cutoff knife makes an impact. The machine uses skewed knife cylinders with helical-wound blades for extra precision.

    • Pre-Owned Certified Quickset SlitterScorer with Razorset Slitting

    SLITTER / SCORER: Used Certified Quickset S/S

    This 2,500 mm used slitter and scorer reaches speeds of 300 MPM (1,000 FPM). Featuring razorset slitting with rotating lower anvil and on-head sharpening, short orders can be run back-to-back.



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