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ROBOFEED – Automatic Sheet Counting & Ream Feeding System

The ROBOFEED is a stand-alone fully automatic sheet counting and ream feeding system that can be integrated into any folio ream wrapper of any brand. This sophisticated, state-of-the-art robotic automation solution eliminates the need of operators.


  • Accurate counting of sheets with counting disk
  • Automatic feeding of reams into wrapper
  • Increased efficiency & constant performance
  • Significantly reduced manpower due to automation

It however still offers the flexibility to run the wrapper in a conventional way, with manual ream infeed by operators, if needed. Three robots suspended from a structure form the heart of this upgrade. The robot in the middle, equipped with a counting disk, is accurately counting many different grades of products. Two robots on the outside are feeding the reams into the wrapper.

Increased efficiency, constant operation, reduced manpower

This automation increases overall efficiency by eliminating operator fatigue while providing constant, predictable operation. With this automatic infeed, in a 3-shift operation, up to 4 machine operators are freed up for other tasks.

ROBOFEED offers even further automation options. Dual HMIs allow convenient input of additional parameters into the system already in operation. With various safety functions, the ROBOFEED ensures safe operation in both fully automatic and conventional mode.

Camera monitored for correct ream feeding position

To ensure a proper ream feeding position for precise wrapping, the ream and the pallet positions are continuously monitored by a camera system. It provides feedback to the robotic control system and host machine to allow small adjustments as needed for precise feeding position. Size changes at the ROBOFEED are done automatically and extremely fast.

Automation available for any folio ream wrapper of any brand

The ROBOFEED automatic sheet counting and ream feeding system is available as a TIP upgrade for any folio ream wrapper of any brand. Due to the large number of different wrapper models and configurations as well as individual requirements, every installation will be unique. For customizing the ROBOFEED solution, pre-engineering work will be necessary to ensure our detailed offer takes into account the actual specifications of your wrapper.

Please contact us to discuss more about this unique automation solution that will increase the performance and efficiency of your large format ream wrapper and significantly saves you manpower. Talk to us today!

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ROBOFEED – Automatic Sheet Counting & Ream Feeding System
Stand-alone fully automatic sheet counting & ream feeding system for any folio wrapper


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