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SheetWizard Sheeter

The SheetWizard offers flexible and cost-effective configurations to suit many converters, folding carton plants, and mills. The SheetWizard can run both paper and board and provides superior cut quality and accuracy. The MarquipWardUnited SheetWizard is designed around the unique dual-rotary knife. Learn more about the SheetWizard.

  • Dual rotary knife technology in a very economical standardized package, with superb cut quality up to 1000gsm
  • Maximum speed of 335 MPM (1100FPM) with curve optimized for digital sheet sizes
  • Compact design utilizing an integrated slitter, draw roll, knife cylinders, and outfeed tape belt
  • Advanced overlap system for faster speeds with reduced marking
  • Versatility to handle a full range of paper and board products. Automatic pallet change
  • IEC 61131-3 PC-based control system

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SheetWizard Sheeter
Paper and Board Sheeter with Superior Cut Accuracy


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