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RQS-V Rotary Sheeter

The RQS-V rotary sheet cutter from BW Papersystems, designed with innovative Questec technology, provides powerful solutions for the most difficult lightweight paper grades or plastic films. It efficiently handles cut-to-register or cut-to-watermark products, small batches, and quick order changes. Products like patient information leaflets, package inserts, wet glue labels, in-mould labels and scratch sensitive plastic films all flow through the machine with ease 

Learn more about our rotary sheeter and its unique sheet transport system below.

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RQS-V Rotary Sheeter
Size Flexible, High-Speed RQS-V Sheeter with Innovative Sheet Transport by Air
The Questec RQS-V is a variable rotary sheeter with a unique air transportation system for lightweight paper, plastic film, beer label and more. At a speed of up to 400 m/min., the folio sheeter cuts and transports single-layer lightweight paper starting from 40 gsm, with stepless variable cut-off lengths of 400 mm - 1.050 mm. The RQS-V can be integrated into any web-fed press - offset, gravure, flexographic or digital, as it allows for the full speed advantage of a variable repeat web-fed press while providing size flexibility, too. The inline configuration produces printed sheets at press speed at single pass. This eliminates speed reductions, intermediate handling and waste. Further finishing steps, like embossing or perforating, can be integrated with the sheeter.


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