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Falcon for Paper Mills

The Falcon Sheeter combines legendary technologies from JAG Synchro, E.C.H. Will, Bielomatik and Marquip, providing excellent cut quality, sheet accuracy and stacking excellence. To reflect modern conditions, the Falcon combines flexibility with high productivity and robust design to provide reliable 24 hours mill duty production. Configurable for up to 10 web operation with a range of options for automation for increased efficiency the Falcon is a perfect fit for the modern mill environment - the best technology at a competitive price level!

Highly efficient, automated folio sheeter combining the best technologies

By combining the slitting and cross cutting technologies of E.C.H. Will, JAG Synchro, Bielomatik and Marquip, BW Papersystems managed to combine the best technology at competitive price. The brands account for the largest installed base of folio sheeters in Asia, Europe and worldwide. The Falcon, like every other sheeter from BW Papersystems, comes with an excellent 24/7 worldwide, local service and parts network.

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Falcon for Paper Mills
High-performance folio sheeter for paper mills


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