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eCon Dual Rotary Sheeter

The eCon Sheeter is a world-class machine. It’s easy to operate and maintain. We engineered an innovative design to produce an affordable and economical sheeter This Dual Rotary sheeter allows for a quick return on investment for sheeter operations. Whether you are just starting your sheeting business, or need to expand your production the eCon Sheeter offers the sheet quality and accuracy demanded by modern, high-speed, offset press manufacturers. Contact BW Papersystems to find out more information about the eCon Sheeter.

eCon Sheeter Features

The eCon Sheeter has the world-leading knife technology, that creates a remarkable cost to output ratio. The eCon has an intelligent HMI (human machine interface) diagnostic with remote support options available. It comes standard features such as  with low-level reel trolleys; dual position shaftless unwind loads reel directly from the floor or loading trolley; the decurler section incorporates 2 or 4 dual diameter roller decurlers. In addition, the pulsed air jets at the overlap section provide better reliability at higher running speeds. It produces press-ready stacks without pile turning.  Learn more about the features of the eCon Dual Rotary Sheeter below.

Remarkable Cost to Output Ratio

The eCon Sheeter is an affordable and highly standardized Dual Rotary Knife Sheeter with remarkable cost to output ratio. It is superior in design, quality, and performance when compared with any other paper sheeter machine in its price range.

Superior Knife Cut Quality

The eCon Sheeter incorporates legendary Marquip knife technology, providing superior knife cut quality at all speeds. Its specifications are up to 1000 gsm. The knife has on-machine blade sharpening, low power consumption and the best speed curve. In addition, pulsed air jets at the overlap section provide better reliability at higher running speeds.

Safe and Easy Reel Loading

The eCon Dual Rotary Sheeter is designed to be simple to operate and easy to maintain. Low level reel trolleys are installed to allow safe and smooth reel loading.

Lateral Jogging on Stacker

Great stack quality is achieved due to the lateral jogging on the stacker of the eCon Sheeter. The side jogging plates ensure that square-sided, stacks are produced.

Customization Options

The eCon Paper Sheeter can be customized with additional features that are optional, such as a two or four position edge guiding system, full-width dual sided web cleaner, reject gates, tab inserters, and more!

Partner with BW Papersystems Finishing Equipment

BW Papersystems prides itself on being an industry-leading paper sheeting and converting machine manufacturer. Our dedicated team provides the most reliable and consistent products in the market. Contact BW Papersystems to learn more about one of the most advanced Sheeters in the world and add the eCon Dual Rotary Sheeter to your production line today! 

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eCon Dual Rotary Sheeter
Economic, Standardized Dual Rotary Folio Sheeter


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