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WrapMaster FSW 500C

For current owners of the FSW 500C, this fully automatic folio-size ream wrapper is a reliable, sturdy machine, ideal for smooth and heavy-duty operations at paper mills. Its modular design suits all requirements. Suitable for sizes from 297 x 420 mm (A3) up to 1,000 x 1,400 mm, the wrapper efficiently wraps up to 16.5 reams/minute - at perfect wrapping quality.

Fully automatic wrapping process
• Non-stop pile change with automatic pallet & ream centering
• Very tight wrapping, special folding technique protects ream edges
• PLC controlled automatic size changeover within 40 seconds, incl. automatic slitter positioning
• Ream infeed directly onto wrapping paper - no marks even with sensitive / coated paper
• Available with straight infeed of one pile
• Easy and ergonomic operation, with minimum infeed distance
• Options include double palletizer, 4 reams stacking for small sizes or empty pallet systems

Appropriate for...
• Paper  mills

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WrapMaster FSW 500C
High-Speed, Fully Automatic Folio-Size Ream Wrapper for Highest Performance


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