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Twin Box Slitter |Slitting Machines

Make your corrugated box production process more efficient with the Twin Box Slitter (TBS). 

The Twin Box Slitter is a unique converting machine. The addition of a Twin Box Slitter enables box plants to double the production of Flexo Folder Gluers by running two-up boxes. These boxes are slit by the Twin Box Slitter creating two boxes. Learn more about expanding Flexo Folder Gluer box productivity through the addition of a Twin Box Slitter.

A little history on the Twin Box Slitter: It was invented by Marquip, which became, MarquipWardUnited , and is now BW Papersystems, an industry-leading manufacturer of machines for businesses in the sheeting, converting, and corrugating industries.

Continue reading to learn more about how a Twin Box Slitter can expand your product’s Flexo Folder Gluer box size capabilities and machine productivity.

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Twin Box Slitter |Slitting Machines
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