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G-Grafix Corrugated Rotary Die Cutter

The BW Papersystems G-Grafix corrugated rotary die cutter is a robust machine designed to perform in the most demanding production environments. This flexo rotary die cutter can print and die cut sheets accurately and consistently, and maximizes productivity with quick setup times, a user-friendly interface, sturdy design, and a low cost of ownership. Learn more about the G-Grafix Rotary Die Cutter below.

What is a Corrugated Rotary Die Cutter?

A Rotary Die Cutter is a machine that is used to make customized corrugated boxes. The corrugated sheet that comes out from the corrugator enters the Rotary Die Cutter through the feeder and it passes through a set of rollers that transport it through the different production phases, including the slotting, printing and die cutting. After that, peripheral machines can be added to complement the process depending on the customer’s requirements and specifications. 

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G-Grafix Corrugated Rotary Die Cutter


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