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ELS (Electric Line Shaft) Cutters

All Zerand cutters come standard with ELS on the lower feed roll and the metering roll.

The primary function of the lower feed roll drive system is to minimize the speed differential between the web and the driven lower feed roll while maintaining control of the web.

The lower feed roll is specially designed to operate with the drive system to reduce the overall roll and system inertia. While doing this, it also maintains liquid cooling capabilities for the lower feed roll and the servo-motor.

The ELS Metering Roll drive system provides accurate metering roll control for the web feed and registration control. The operator inputs the repeat length of the die layout and the system automatically feeds up the correct amount of web per cycle of the cutter, without the need of any gear change. The system also provides integration for the print to cut registration system.

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ELS (Electric Line Shaft) Cutters


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