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SLK 490

Available with 7 up to 10 pockets, the SLK 490 cut-size sheeter sets standards in mass production of all common paper grades with perfect ream and cut quality. It offers high-performance with speeds of up to 450 m/min, at maximum cost-effectiveness. At all speeds, compliance with the strictest quality standards (ream quality, sheet squareness, cut accuracy and cut quality) is guaranteed.

• High speed production of up to 180 reams per minute
• Excellent cut quality that fulfills all standards worldwide
• Non-stop reel change, special unwind design for efficiency and partial to full automation
• Variation in number of reams directed to left or right discharge during production
• Movable operation terminal with touch screen
• Sliding acoustic guards, low noise level
• Easily accessible design reduces changeover times & maintenance downtimes
• Efficient order handling through Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Ideal for...
• Paper mills and large paper converters

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SLK 490
High-Performance Cut-Size Sheeter 7-10 Pockets for A4 Paper Production


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