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Model 32

The fully automatic Model 32 ream wrapper is designed for mid-speed wrapping of all metric and standard U.S. ream sizes including half-ream packages. It allows for automated operation and precise registration of pre-printed wrap and can run standard Kraft as well as polypropylene ream wrap. It offers versatile wrap feeding: both roll and sheet feeding of ream wrap are possible.

• Wraps all metric & standard U.S. ream sizes, including half-ream packages
• Simple machine operation with touch screen, including display of guiding instructions (e.g. for registered wrap, glue, adjustments)
• Servo driven machine for reliable performance
• Perfect ream control, glue application and wrap quality
• Small, compact footprint with electrical enclosure mounted in machine
• Centralized hot melt glue system
• Easy synchronization with sheeter
Ideal for...
• Smaller converters of standard paper reams

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Model 32
Versatile, Automatic Ream Wrapper


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