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Model 162

The precise, high-speed case packer / lidder Model 162 is a key component in a fully-automated ream production line and only requires limited operator interface. It cases single or double stacked reams with precision fit every time, using the stack as a forming mandrel as case and lid blanks are formed around the stack and glued. Operators just need to keep machine filled with case/lid blanks and glue.

• Precise casing of single or double stacked reams
• Up to 30 (singles) or 15 (doubles) cases per minute
• Smooth production with only limited operator interface
• Designed for use with flat, scored and slotted/die cut blanks
• Nordson ProBlue hot melt glue system assures perfect adhesion
• Touch screen interface and programmable logic controller (PLC)
Ideal for...
• Integrated paper mills & converters of standard paper ream sizes

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Model 162
High-Speed Case Packer/Lidder


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