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Model 124

The Model 124 protects your product quality with precise, accurate inspection of wrapped reams: eight pairs of fiber optic eyes scan every ream edge-to-edge for loose or trailing labels, loose or improper wrap, or out-of-package sheets. Defective reams are automatically rejected inline and diverted to a storage conveyor before they get into the case. Options include a laser end fold system.

• Precise inspection of all reams with electric eye technology
• Up to 150 reams per minute can be scanned
• Defective reams are automatically rejected in-line and diverted to a storage conveyor
• Simple machine operation including handwheel adjustment for ream length
• Touch screen interface
• Single speed drive motor and programmable logic controller
• Options include vision system, missed label detection & laser end fold system

Ideal for...
• All converters of standard paper ream sizes

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Model 124
Ream Inspection/Rejection


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