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PassPort 2R

PassPort Machine for Laminating
The PassPort 2R machine laminates covers/e-covers/chip-inlays onto sewn layers and/or covers on inlays to produce e-covers.
All styles of passports can be manufactured by combining the PassPort 2 with our PassPort 1, 3 and 4 machines.

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PassPort-2R-web Passport Machine: PassPort2 Endproducts PUR gluing nozzle
PassPort 2-30R and PassPort 2-50R
Cycles/min Max. 30 or 50 Layers (double-up) 
Size range PassPort-2R-draw  


  • Lamination with cold and/or PUR Hotmelt glue
  • Suitable for (electronic) Machine Readable Travel Document (eMRTD) according to ISO and ICAO standards
  • High productivity and reliable production in terms of quality and output
  • Rigid design for high life expectancy (>30 years)
  • Modular layout in order to accommodate various types of passports and future upgrades

Passport 2R basic equipment

  • Flat feeder for sewn layers and/or
  • Rotary feeder for chip-inlays
  • Feeder for cover material, e-covers and/or chip-inlays
  • Pressing
  • Delivery in shingles

Add-on options

  • Orientation of thread ends, pressing and welding
  • Seam gluing with cold glue or UV-curable glue
  • Secondary feeding and secondary lamination station for additional lamination, to get chip-inlay and cover onto sewn layer in a simple pass
  • Gold and/or blind embossing on cover before lamination
  • Pile press for improved adhesion especially with cold glue
  • Chip verification with automatic rejection of defective chip-inlays or e-covers (without interruption of production process)
  • Registration of chip-UIDs used and other track & trace features
  • Inline connection to PassPort 1 and PassPort 3

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PassPort 2R
PassPort Machine for Laminating

System Solutions: More Than a Machine

    • Passport Machine: PassPort 1
    • Passport Machine: PassPort 1 Details
    • Passport Machine: PassPort 1 camera light
    • Passport Machine: PassPort 1 Endproduct

    PassPort 1

    The PassPort 1 machine binds passport or saving books by collating and sewing together different components. The machine is equipped with sewing machines for chain and/or interlock stitching.

    • Passport Machine: PassPort 3
    • Passport Machine: PassPort3 Folding Unit
    • Passport Machine: PassPort3 Details
    • Passport Machine: PassPort3 Punching

    PassPort 3

    The layers which have been sewn and laminated in PassPort 1 and 2 are separated into single ups, folded and cut to size in a die cutting station using the PassPort 3 machine.

    • Passport Machine: PassPort 4
    • Passport Machine: PassPort 4 Endproduct
    • Passport Machine: PassPort 4 Endproduct
    • Passport Machine: PassPort 4 Reversing Wheel & Punching

    PassPort 4

    After the books have been sewn, laminated and cut to size using the Passport 1, 2 and 3, the PassPort 4 numbers the books with a gothic number and/or a laser perforation.

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