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The world’s first XXL format Inline Roll Sheeter

Suitable for installation on all new and existing large format presses. Drawing on over 20 years of experience, we have developed this unique Sheeter to allow the customer to maximise the efficiency of any large format press in daily production by combining the benefits of web fed and sheet fed offset.

  • One stop for reel change instead of 3-4 pallet changes
  • Significantly reduced make-ready and set-up times
  • High cutting tolerance allows direct finishing in postpress without vibrating or additional cutting
  • Increased printing speed by +50% due to optimized sheeting and feeding
  • Lower cost for paper from reel
  • Fewer paper jams and stops due to paper and sheet quality
  • Reduction of waste due to reel feeding
  • Special printing materials and substrates can be processed
  • Short runs and high amount of job changeovers in less time

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Eagle 165_XXL format Inline Roll Sheeter for 145-165 cm sheet offset presses Eagle 165_XXL format Inline Roll Sheeter for 145-165 cm sheet offset presses_ installed with press Eagle 165_XXL format Inline Roll Sheeter for 145-165 cm sheet offset presses Eagle 165_ Pick up tapes retracted for knife adjustment_quick stop
Max. Roll weight 3200 kg
Max. Roll diameter 1530 mm
Side movement +/- 30 mm
Tension range 1.5 N/cm - 5 N/cm
Min./Max. Roll width 680 - 1.650 mm
Min./Max. Sheet length 630 - 1.210 mm
Max. Speed 15.000 Sheet/Hour - 300 m/min 
Material Range 60 - 250 g/m² Paper/Cardboard
40 - 300 g/m² and other substrates upon request
 Cut Tolerance +/- 0.3 mm
 Squareness Tolerance +/- 0.3 mm/1.000 mm
 Noise 85 dBA

Cutting sheets from reel
The Eagle Inline Sheeter combines the lower cost of web offset with the flexibility of sheetfed offset. The printing stock is unwound from the reel, cut   to  the required size in the sheeter, and then shingled and and fed individually to the press. 

Wide range of material

The Eagle165 offers the perfect combination with any sheet fed press in a print size range from 6 to 7b (up to a size of 1240mm to 1650mm) and opens a wider range of printing materials and substrates such as film, foils, coated and metallized materials or thinnest paper qualities.

Higher flexibility, greater performance and reduced costs
This Sheeter provides a cost saving based on lower costs of reels compared to sheets, reduced handling, lower waste and a higher running speed that can add up to 15% or more. These benefits are increased when lightweight or sensitive substrates are run. 

Make ready time are short with set up menus stored via the HMI. When moving from reel mode to sheet mode  the delivery section indexes to one side proving access 
to load pallets. A highly respected printer reports 50% more production from his press equipped with an Eagle Inline Sheeter compared to an identical sister press with 
a traditional sheet feeder. The Eagle Inline Sheeter can be installed with any existing large format press in the field or supplied with a new press purchase.

4 Components 

  • Unwinder with re-generative motor braking system
  • Dancer roller for fast stop and start
  • Cross cutter
  • Feed conveyor with underlapping 

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The world’s first XXL format Inline Roll Sheeter

Maximize ROI on a 145-165cm press, and increase your output by 50% with BW Papersystems' XXL format Inline Roll Sheeter- the EAGLE 165.

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