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VOS - Vacuum Overhead Stacker

High-End Stacker featuring Vacuum Transfer Belts

Maximizes rotary die cutting production with a high-end stacker featuring vacuum transfer belts, an efficient cleaner section, automatic setup, and full servo controls.

  • Zero feed interrupt
  • Scrap “Cleaner” section eliminates greatly scrap in finished boxes
  • Vacuum overhead for excellent blank control
  • Blank ejector for both samples and bad sheets
  • Full servo controls
  • Full diagnostics
  • Controls integration for full line with, die cutter and breaker lines
  • Side tampers
  • Can be integrated with virtually any Rotary Die Cutter

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VOS Stacker Machine Overview VOS Stacker Sideview VOS Machine Overview
  • Caliper adjustment Scrap-handler: 0.04”/ 1mm to 0.40”/10mm
  • Board line height: min. 42”/ 1067mm
  • Sheet entry angle: horizontal
  • Bundle height 15”/1524mm
  • Working widths: 115”/2.930mm or 130”/3300mm
  • Bundle discharge height: 34”/865mm to 40”/1000mm
  • Convertible material: E, B, C, A, BC, EB, AB, AC flutes
  • Maximum speed: 200 kicks/minute on RDC line

Scrap “Cleaning” System
The VAC Stacker is capable of handling up to 8 across operation with a scrap removal “cleaner” on each set of transport belts. Powered precise caliper adjustment, avoids board crush and guarantees board control. The VAC Stacker also features endless corded belts for board transport and targeted position to promote scrap elimination.

Overhead Vacuum Transport
A belt system carries the individual nicked sheets over the transfer deck to the incline conveyor.

Reject Collector Assembly
The VAC Stacker features a simple eject gate with collector chart for operator to get order sample or waste sheets out to operator side at any time while running. It can be combined with an optional vision control system.

Stacker Bay
Lead edge damage is prevented through servo deceleration in the stacking bay. Maintenance is simplified through an all-electric lift. Superior stack quality improves the bundle breaker process for higher productivity.

  • Vision Control System
  • High speed rejecter gate

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VOS - Vacuum Overhead Stacker
High-End Stacker featuring Vacuum Transfer Belts

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