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Twin Box Slitter |Slitting Machines

Double Productivity with quicker set-ups
Make your corrugated box production process more efficient with the Twin Box Slitter (TBS). 

The Twin Box Slitter is a unique converting machine. The addition of a Twin Box Slitter enables box plants to double the production of Flexo Folder Gluers by running two-up boxes. These boxes are slit by the Twin Box Slitter creating two boxes. Learn more about expanding Flexo Folder Gluer box productivity through the addition of a Twin Box Slitter.

A little history on the Twin Box Slitter: It was invented by Marquip, which became, MarquipWardUnited , and is now BW Papersystems, an industry-leading manufacturer of machines for businesses in the sheeting, converting, and corrugating industries.

Continue reading to learn more about how a Twin Box Slitter can expand your product’s Flexo Folder Gluer box size capabilities and machine productivity.

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Twin Box Slitter Overview Twin Box Slitter Details Twin Box Slitter Details Twin Box Slitter Details
  • Box width to be slit, also referred to as the TBS machine direction:
    • Minimum: 14” (355mm) (creating 2 – 7” (178mm) boxes)
    • Maximum: 50” (1270 mm) (creating 2 – 25” (635mm) boxes)
  • Box length to be slit (TBS cross-machine direction)
    • Minimum: 12” (305mm)
    • Maximum: 42” (1066 mm)
  • Maximum box length (TBS cross-machine direction) to “Pass Through” TBS without slitting
    • Maximum: 50” (1270 mm)

BW Papersystems Twin Box Slitter offers its operators many benefits thanks to the machine’s highly engineered design. In addition to increasing the speed of your manufacturing process, a Twin Box Slitter offers:

  • Increased flexo folder gluer productivity
  • Industry-proven razor-slitting technology
  • Self-sharpening
  • Improved bundle stability
  • Fast machine setup
  • Sharp slit cut can boost box compression performance
  • Interface that can integrate with virtually any Flexo Folder Gluer
  • Enables production of two-up half slotted containers (HSCs)
  • Run smaller boxes


The Twin Box Slitter from BW Papersystems has two machine options available. These optional add-ons are:
  • Cross-Machine Direction Transfer System
  • Spare Parts packages

Twin Box Slitter Applications

The Twin Box Slitter from BW Papersystems increases the productivity of the flexo, for box makers by the creating the ability to run minimums usually reserved for a “mini” Flexo Folder Gluer on a midsize FFG.

The Twin Box Slitter operates in-line with a mid-sized Flexo Folder Gluer to increase the number of sizes the mid-range FFG can produce on a single machine. With this, our customers can experience almost double their productivity. 

Slitting Machine Capabilities

The Twin Box Slitter begins to operate after the Flexo Folder Gluer or Casemaker manufactures the 2-up corrugated regular slotted (RSC) or half-slotted container (HSC).
Once the RSC or HSC reaches the Twin Box Slitter, it is then split down the middle. This split creates two boxes out of one feed sheet, giving you the power to double your production rates.

After being split into two, the boxes are then ready to be bundled.
The Twin Box Slitters integration with the Flexo Folder Gluer streamlines your production process and doubles your yield.
Continue reading to learn more about this machine’s capabilities and technical specifications.

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Choosing to invest in a Twin Box Slitter will expand your Flexo Folder Gluer’s box size capabilities and increase your overall productivity.
Learn more about how a Twin Box Slitter can change your business by contacting us today.

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Twin Box Slitter |Slitting Machines
Double Productivity with quicker set-ups

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