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Corrugator Splicers

BW Papersystems offers corrugator splicers with digital automatic tension control. Our machines run at the highest splicing speed available, in a highly compact frame design for superior splicing reliability. This splicer can make line splices at full corrugator speeds and has superior splicing efficiency, making it an excellent addition to your corrugator machine.

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Corrugator Splicer Features

With a variety of features, from tension control to an operator- friendly touch screen, the corrugator splicer from BW Papersystems is designed to meet your production requirements with optimal efficiency and reliability.

Digital Automatic Tension Control

Our splicers have a digital automatic tension control feature that greatly reduces production loss from missed splices and minimizes web breakouts.  The quick response digital servo tension control maintains the desired web tension to close tolerances during all phases of operation and splicing. This improves splicing reliability for all roll sizes, narrow to wide, by avoiding breakouts due to web slack and sudden movement.

Touch Screen Operator and Maintenance Interface

BW Papersystems offers direct LOGIC PLC controls for more streamlined machine operation. A touch screen control creates a real-time interface for tracking lineal remaining on each roll and permits accurate butt roll labeling.

Efficient and Reliable Splice Preparation

A notable feature of the BW Papersystems Splicer is our experienced training staff. They can quickly train your operators to produce consistent and successful splices. The current world record is held by a BWP-trained operator at 10,139 successful, consecutive splices.  We offer the Century Club program that will reward your operators for 100, 500, and 1000 successful consecutive splices.

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Reduced Waste 

Better tension control minimizes end of roll waste and dramatically reduces web wrinkling and warp.

Corefinder Automatic Splice Initiation 

The BW Papersystems’ splicer uses Corefinder™ Splice Initiation, an innovation designed to allow the operator to set the desired diameter of the roll, for when the splicer should initiate a splice. This leads to reducing waste during production.

Partner with BW Papersystems for a Superior Corrugator Splicer

BW Papersystems offers a superior splicer that is efficient, reliable, and simple to operate. Our splicer includes innovative technology and control systems that improve paper splice preparation and board quality through digital automatic tension control. Request a quote today.

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BW Papersystems IMX Splicer and Roll Stand
  • 225 to 400 MPM (750 TO 1300 FPM) splicing capability
  • Average corrugator running speed is increased: Liner splices can be made at full corrugator speed with superior splicing reliability.
  • Steel splice sealing nip rolls create a stronger splice.
  • Digital automatic tension control.
  • Light weight paper splicing capability.
  • Direct LOGIC PLC controls.
  • Corefinder™ automatic splice initiation.
  • Easy splice preparation.
  • Touch-screen operator and maintenance interface.
  • Cool lighting system.
  • Lost production from missed splices and web breakouts is reduced.
  • Board quality is improved with steady corrugator run Speeds.
  • End of roll waste is dramatically reduced.
  • Hot plate waste during corrugator stops is reduced.
  • Flute fracturing is eliminated.
  • Web wrinkle is reduced.
  • Warp from poor tension control is eliminated.
  • Digital Tension Control Feature.
  • Touch-Screen Operator and Maintenance Interface.
  • Optical splice initiation system automatically triggers a splice as the expiring web leaves the core
  • Automatic index system automatically positions the web at the splice nip roll centerline
  • Zero tail option allows splicing with no unsealed splice tail
  • Laser roll aligner provides an easy and precise cross-machine reference position for the operator to accurately position the new roll prior to preparing a splice
  • Tension leveling roll system reduces cross corrugator tension variation for improved reliability and process control

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Corrugator Splicers

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