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Harmony Corrugator Series

The Harmony corrugator is designed for customers looking for a value on cost-to-performance, and a “crushless” corrugator that offers quality board to satisfy their market requests. This is a customized solution with a modular design to meet the needs of our customers.
Two stacks of corrugated cardboard sheets Integrated Wet End Control System Pressure Type Singlefacer with Quick Roll Change Hyraulically  arms for up/down and open/close movements Gun-drilled steel hot plates virtually eliminate cupping and deflection Dual Rotary Shear: Low diverter angle improves divert reliablity RPS-Express Slitter-Scorer: Industry-leading head setup accuracy Saber Knife: Reliable high-speed instant order change Saber Knife: Walk-in access is convenient and safe Downstacker: Reliable high-speed order change Expert advice by phone and through remote access via modem, VPN software & hardware. Supporting Maintenance: Training, Spare Parts, Technical & Field Service
  • Production Speed: 300mpm - 350mpm (1000fpm - 1150fpm)
  • Width: 2500mm - 2800 mm (98" - 110")
  • Average Capacity: +9-12 million m/ Month
  • Wet end system includes splice sync, wrap arm controls, gap controls and bridge tension controls
  • Positive pressure type Singlefacer improves runnability and uptime compared to vacuum type machines
  • Gun-drilled hot plates of Doublebacker provides better heating efficiency
  • Vacuum Traction Section eliminates the possibility of board crush in the traction section
  • Superior traction is provided without the use of a nip to pull the board
  • Board caliper and stiffness are increased
  • Improved board quality with no curing time means an immediate conversion
  • The industry's narrowest trim specification on the Slitter Scorer that allows significant payback in trim waste reduction
  • The Saber knife provides the lowest energy consumption of any corrugator cutoff knife
  • Modular design provides easy access for clean-up and maintenance
  • User-friendly touch screen operator console with latest interactive PC controls
  • Single & Double level available
  • Infusion Technology 


Harmony Corrugator Layout


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