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4/15/2020 10:24:25 AM

Minskaya Tipografiya, Belarus to install a new eCon folio sheeter at Minsk’ plant

eCon Sheeter for Minskaya Tipografiya

BW Papersystems’ new customer Minskaya Tipografiya in 2020 concluded a contract for delivery of a new precision folio-size sheeter for their packaging production. The 1650 mm wide eCon sheeter will be installed in August 2020.

It is the first sheeter at this plant and is planned to cut coated folding boxboard (FBB), usually ranging between 190 and 350 gsm.

"Minskaya Tipografiya continues to invest in folding carton production," said Viktor Buriy, Director of Minskaya Tipografiya "The new sheeter will allow us to establish own in-house sheeting in order to reduce material costs and be more flexible in orders’ execution.

“Combined with a skilled workforce and a committed management team, this new sheeter will improve the plant's ability to quickly and efficiently deliver folding cartons to our valued customers,” added Viktor Buriy.

Established in 1987, Minskaya Tipografiya. is one of the largest folding carton plant in Belarus producing cigarette packaging. To learn more, please visit: 



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