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4/21/2015 11:01:00 AM

Long-time associates at Kugler-Womako

Kugler-Womako long-time accociates

On April 1, 2015, the local newspaper "Nürtinger Zeitung" reports on some Kugler-Womako associates who have been with the company for a long time.

Christoph Golombek, Managing Director at the paper converting company: "We are lucky when it comes to employee loyalty and long-time commitment. Our continous improvement and growth would not be not possible without those who drive our operations."

Johann Greschner, Hartmut Hess and Jürgen Wursthorn celebrated their 40th work anniversary. In addition, Ralf Bräuning, Bernd Bröcker and Werner Hüftle celebrated being with the company for 25 years. Stephan Bühler, Uwe Füssel and Steffen Vogel work for Kugler-Womako now for already 10 years. (article available in German language only)

Caption: Hartmut Canz, Jürgen Wursthorn, Johann Greschner, Hartmut Hess, Werner Hüftle, Steffen Vogel, Walter Klaus (from the left)



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