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4/16/2015 9:30:00 AM

Reduce risk of downtimes by replacing obsolete positioning controllers at the slitter of cut-size or folio sheeters

TIP C1205

Will-Pemco’s Technical Improvement Program (T.I.P.) for cut-size and folio-size sheeters provides, based on current technology, dedicated solutions for customers to increase the availability of their existing equipment, to reduce maintenance costs or to improve product quality.

The existing Kuhnke controllers that adjust the position of the knives in the automatic slitter knife station at the single or dual slitter of certain E.C.H. Will flexible cut-size sheeters (6 to 8 pockets) and at folio-size sheeters (type GFS 216, GFS 282 and GFS 283) are no longer available.

This new module T.I.P. C 1205 replaces the obsolete Kuhnke positioning controllers as well as their corresponding gear motors with modern stepper motors. This greatly reduces the risk of unplanned downtime and ensures spare parts availability.

In addition, the new motors, controlled by stepper motor terminals and S7 machine PLC, move the slitter knives smoothly and precisely along a spindle to their required position, making the adjustment of the knives significantly easier.

The improvement comprises all required parts, the necessary engineering and programming and updated documentation pages for relevant sections. 

You are interested in T.I.P. C 1205 Replacement of obsolete positioning controllers at slitter? Contact us; we would be pleased to send you a detailed offer based on your requirements.

This is only one example how an upgrade from Will-Pemco can increase the availability of your sheeter and reduce maintenance cost. Contact us for more information.



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