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11/27/2014 9:30:00 AM

Shortened delivery time and new steel quality for your cut-size sheeter single‐use knives

Enhanced lifetime with ASP 2053 steel knives for your cut-size sheeter


- Increased lifetime of single‐use cross cutter knives reduces costs
- Greatly shortened delivery time reduces downtimes

Enhanced lifetime with ASP 2053 steel knifes for your cut-size sheeter

The cutting quality of your cut‐size sheeter is the key to the quality of your end products. You can rely on BW Papersystems single‐use knives to provide you with the correct cross cutter knives for your machine at all times, and always at the highest quality.

Because we know how important the availability of spare knives is for you, we have been working on some improvements. In order to ensure a much longer lifetime of top and bottom knives, we are discontinuing all knives made of ASP 2023 steel from our program.

Our new knives are made of modern, durable ASP 2053 steel and stand out with better performance and a longer lifetime. All previously available single‐use knives from BW Papersystems Hamburg will be changed to the new ASP 2053 material. In all other respects these knives will be absolutely identicial to the knives you have bought from us in the past.

Even more important: we have been able to shorten the delivery time tremendously. All single‐use knives made of ASP 2053 steel are shipped within 2 working days (after receipt of order confirmation) ex Wedel/Hamburg,Germany ‐ and are thus available to you in not time at all.

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