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9/18/2014 9:17:00 AM

Reduced marking on underside of reams with new sheet metal inlays for cut-size sheeters

TIP C2051

A very new T.I.P. module for existing cut-size sheeters is available from Will-Pemco: T.I.P. module C 2051 "New sheet metal inlays for collecting box".

With its Technical Improvement Program (T.I.P.), Will-Pemco provides its customers with the most up-to-date, tested and pre-engineered solutions that are based on current technology. An upgrade of existing cut-size sheeters is ideal to optimize production and reduce cost.

The new T.I.P. module C 2051 consists of new sheet metal inlays for the collecting box of all existing E.C.H. Will sheeters type SLK 440, 470 and 480, especially those equipped with the original Formica type inlays. During production, the collection box on a cut-size sheeter is highly stressed. Over time, normal operations and also jams can leave marks on the base plates in the boxes. This can cause markings on the bottom sheets of the reams being collected in the boxes. T.I.P. C 2051 restores the original condition of the collecting box base plates at only approximately 15% of the price of a new collecting box.

The improvement comprises one set of new sheet metal inlays made from stainless steel and includes all needed accessories.

In summary, T.I.P. C 2051 offers the following advantages:

- The original condition and functionality are restored - at only 15 % of the cost of a  
  new collecting box
- Markings on the underside of bottom sheet of reams are reduced
- Quick installation

In case the separator plates are also damaged, alternatively a complete overhaul of the existing box at Will-Pemco’s facilities is possible for approximately 40% of the price of a new collecting box.

You are interested in T.I.P. C 2051 "New sheet metal inlays for the collecting box"? A brochure on this module can be requested here. We would be pleased to send you a detailed offer based on your requirements - please contact us.

This is only one example from a large catalogue of solutions how an upgrade by Will-Pemco can improve the quality of your cut-size reams and reduce maintenance cost. Please contact us for more information.



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