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9/5/2014 9:14:00 AM

Will-Pemco offers new type of brake rollers for improved product quality and less reject waste

TIP C1703

A very new T.I.P. module for existing cut-size sheeters is available from Will-Pemco: the T.I.P. module C 1703 "Polished brake rollers – New wider design".

With its Technical Improvement Program (T.I.P.), Will-Pemco provides its customers with most up-to-date, tested and pre-engineered solutions that are based on current technology. An upgrade of existing cut-size sheeters is ideal to optimize production and reduce cost.

The new module T.I.P. C 1703 is available for all E.C.H. Will cut-size sheeters type SLK 460, 470, 480 and 490. It replaces the existing brake rollers in the overlapping carriage with wider, polished brake rollers (two brake rollers per pocket). "Due to the rollers' rounded edges and a larger contact area on the paper sheet, a potential source of marking is minimized – and this results in improved product Quality", Arthur van Wijk, Senior Production Improvement Engineer at Will-Pemco in Hamburg, points out.

 The clear advantages of this upgrade to a new type of brake rollers include:

- With an increased production volume the improvement pays for itself within
An overall improved product quality reduces reject waste
Higher speeds become possible with sensitive paper grades

A brochure on this new module T.I.P C 1703 "Polished brake rollers – New wider design" can be requested here. We would be pleased to send you a detailed offer based on your requirements – please contact us.

T.I.P C 1703 is only one module from a large catalogue of solutions. ​Please contact us for more Information.



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