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1/31/2014 9:28:17 PM

MarquipWardUnited Sold Two More Advantage Singlefacers

Advantage Singlefacers

MarquipWardUnited announces the sale of two aditional Advantage Singlefacers – one in the Middle-East and one in Asia.

The Advantage is a compact, user-friendly machine capable of running a wide range of papers at speeds up to 350 mpm with excellent flute formation and bonding integrity.

The advanced PC controls provide a solid foundation for advanced servo-control of machine settings.  The result is production of consistently good board with uniform starch lines.

Precise glue line control can also lead to a reduction in starch consumed.

The Advantage has no external control cabinets and is easily installed in existing lines.

To learn how the Advantage can provide production and quality advantages while lowering operating costs, contact ​us.



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