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12/23/2013 6:45:39 PM

New InstaRegister One-box Setup System Now Available!

InstaRegister One-box

MarquipWardUnited is proud to announce that the new InstaRegister one-box setup system is now available!

As the Finishing industry's first simple and economical one-box setup system, the InstaRegister is designed to reduce waste.  Featuring a simple centrally located touchscreen interface, the InstaRegister also reduces setup time by eliminating the need for blind operator adjustments. An added benefit is that the system allows for unlimited job storage which makes for much easier repeat jobs.

The InstaRegister can be retrofitted on any Rotary Die Cutter or Flexo Folder Gluer from almost any manufacturer.

If you would like more information and wish to find out how the InstaRegister can help your business, please ​contact us.



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