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  • With web-fed, many folding carton types can be produced far more efficiently than they are today using sheet-fed production.
    1/11/2021 11:41:09 AM

    Less waste, higher speed, fewer logistics, fewer personnel: Flexible web-fed platen die-cutting solutions for folding carton production

    For years, folding carton producers have been facing an aggressive price point set by the industries they serve. In response, they are continuously searching for real solutions to the challenges they face: Reduction of material, logistics and personal costs. Conventional production processes where reels are converted into sheets which are then printed on a sheet-fed press are part of the problem. They cause expensive board waste, they are personnel-intensive and demand high logistics effort.
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  • ServoPro
    1/6/2021 4:08:58 PM


    The most recent innovation in rotary die-cutters from BW Papersystems is the ServoPro. based on the proven robustness of the MarquipWardUnitedproduct line, the ServoPro is built for versatility and productivity, rated at up to 200 sheets per minute. the first ServoPro was installed in the united states in 2020, and the first European installation will be in 2021.
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  • HP PageWide C500 press
    11/10/2020 5:03:21 PM


    HP and BW Papersystems are proposing a near-line hybrid solution For low-cost production of high-graphic corrugated boxes.
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  • G-Grafix Rotary Die Cutter
    11/6/2020 11:13:29 AM

    Major Expansion for SMC Packaging

    The relocation allowed for the addition of several new pieces of equipment, including a MarquipWardUnited 66- x 125-inch rotary diecutter and a MarquipWardUnited 66- x 125-inch flexo folder-gluer, both with top and bottom print stations.
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  • eCon Folio Sheeter
    10/13/2020 8:05:26 AM

    Successful installation of a new eCon folio sheeter at Minskaya Tipografiya, Belarus

    "We are very happy that despite the obvious restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, the equipment was delivered, installed and put into operation as scheduled"
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  • Ted-Samotis
    9/16/2020 1:16:37 PM

    HP and BW Papersystems form digital partnership

    The recently announced partnership between HP and BW Papersystems could have some exciting implications for the board converting industry. The solution will enable corrugated packaging providers to deliver digital capabilities, ideal for displays, personalization, e-commerce and the shortest runs with the lowest converting costs.
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  • Wasatch Container’s single pass MiniPro allows the company to reduce costs, improve quality and reduce time to market.
    9/1/2020 5:49:34 PM

    Wasatch Container Expands, Diversifies Inside And Out

    Salt Lake City based, Wasatch Container, continues to grow and diversify their product offering with an expansion of their existing plant, the acquisition of a stock box company and purchasing a BW Papersystems MiniPro
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  • Corrugated Box with Inside Printing
    9/1/2020 2:26:56 PM

    Inside the Box Printing

    Printing the inside box surface is named as one of five emerging trends for the printing industry and one of the hottest packaging trends of 2019. BW Papersystems is supporting their customers in adopting new packaging trends such as the inside the box printing. It creates added value for box makers and their customers.
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  • eCon Sheeter for Minskaya Tipografiya
    4/15/2020 10:24:25 AM

    Minskaya Tipografiya, Belarus to install a new eCon folio sheeter at Minsk’ plant

    BW Papersystems’ new customer Minskaya Tipografiya in 2020 concluded a contract for delivery of a new precision folio-size sheeter for their packaging production. The 1650 mm wide eCon sheeter will be installed in August 2020.
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  • business-computer-connection-contemporary-450035
    4/11/2020 4:55:13 PM

    We continue to be Open for Business and serving our customers’ needs daily:

    From all levels of BW Papersystems leaders, and all team members we strive to make decisions that focus on keeping our world safe during this COVID-19, coronavirus pandemic, and we want to continue working together with compassion, a high-level of communication, and information to make decisions intentionally. We want to provide a short update on our business and our ongoing efforts to maintain a high level of availability and capacity to support all our important customer around the globe.
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