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  • Successful relocation of Jagenberg Sheeter
    8/23/2022 9:12:45 AM

    Successful Relocation of a Pre-Owned Folio Sheeter

    A new home for a sheeter... A Jagenberg sheeter, type SYNCHRO 400-2200 DD2, with 6 unwinds, built in 2004, needed to be moved from Germany to Slovenia as a pre-owned machine. For a smooth reassembly, the machine was disassembled into compact units and delivered in sequences to the new location.
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  • Luca Lazzaroni in front of ServoPro RDC
    6/17/2022 2:51:46 PM

    Icierre Takes a European First

    “With the installation of the ServoPro, we have notably reduced the set up time and also increased productivity, both in terms of quality and quantity,” confirms Luca Lazzaroni. “It has also increased reliability and uptime within the factory, as it can handle all types of board. For example, at certain times of the year when there is more humidity, the board tends to warp; with the Servo Pro, we can run heavily warped board at high speed with very good results. It is really reliable.”
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  • Corrugated and Finishing Leadership Team in EMEA
    5/23/2022 11:26:33 AM

    European Manufacturing Expansion for BW Papersystems

    Over the last few years, the company has significantly grown its customer based in the EMEA region, in part due to the growing need for e-commerce boxes, and due to growth of overall demand for corrugated. With this growth came the need for a significantly enhanced offering to EMEA customers, not just in terms of service and after-sales support, but also reducing lead times for the supply of new equipment.
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  • eCon Sheeter
    5/16/2022 9:42:32 AM

    Celebrating the 100th eCon Sheeter sold

    This year the eCon reached the milestone of 100 units sold. 100 sheeters since 2014 means more than 12 eCon sheeters each year and more than 1 sheeter per month. 100 eCons – and counting. eCon sheeters are operating on every continent and in addition to small and medium plants, eCon has found a home at sites belonging to some of the largest manufacturers of folding cartons in the world.
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  • Flexo Folder Gluer Counter Ejector
    5/2/2022 12:18:33 PM

    Counter Ejector Investment for Caps Cases

    Installed in early February, the new Counter Ejector has significantly improved the productivity of the 2000NT. “We have seen an improvement of between 20 and 50% on most jobs, with an average increase of 30% across all jobs in the first month of operation,” says Trevor Bissett, Managing Director, Caps Cases.
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  • Knife Drum on a Jagenberg Sheeter
    3/14/2022 2:26:33 PM

    Successful overhaul of stacker and knife drums of Jagenberg sheeter at customer’s site

    In mid-2021, BW Papersystems was contacted by a customer who was experiencing issues at the stacker of a 2200 mm wide Jagenberg Synchro sheeter from 2007. They reported worn out guide wheels, guiding rails, and gear racks at the intermediate table. The poor condition of the table caused tilting and hence poor stack quality. They were forced to operate the sheeter at medium speed, approximately 60% of its maximum capacity, and thus reduced productivity.
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  • Inside Printed Corrugated Box
    3/2/2022 9:12:49 AM

    Vast Range of Equipment

    BW Papersystems rotary diecutters and flexo folder gluers were built on the legendary brand name of Ward to manufacture robust and productive machines. Combined with the innovation to printing inside (and outside) of boxes, and increasing production with a Twin Box Slitter, BWP is your partner to increase production and marketshare for e-commerce business.
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  • Dr. Matthias Rauhut, CEO of DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE
    1/27/2022 10:59:39 AM

    Interview: Increased efficiency in paper converting at DREWSEN thanks to Questec sheeter

    DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE GmbH & Co. KG has been successfully using the pilot version of a Questec sheeter from BW Papersystems to efficiently cut lightweight, complex papers. Now their customized Questec sheeter will be installed shortly. DREWSEN’s CEO Dr. Matthias Rauhut is looking forward to his new sheeter and takes stock in this interview.
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  • ServoPro Rotary Die Cutter
    1/26/2022 10:45:29 AM

    New Packing Systems chooses 16.28 ServoPro from BW Papersystems

    The machine, which will be installed in August 2023, will join existing converting machines that have also been supplied by BW Papersystems, including a 3100NT flexo folder gluer and a 6.18 MiniPro flexo folder gluer. This will be the fifth ServoPro to be sold by BW Papersystems in EMEA region since its launch in February 2021.
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  • Team at Gotek
    1/25/2022 1:04:37 PM

    Record Numbers for Gotek of Russia

    One of Russia’s leading corrugated packaging producers, Gotek, has registered some pretty impressive numbers on its GGX rotary die-cutter, which was manufactured and supplied by BW Papersystems a few years ago.
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