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BW Papersystems Stuttgart
BW Papersystems Stuttgart has a long and rich history as it combines some of the greatest names in paper converting industry. Former Kugler Automation GmbH, Womako Maschinenkonstruktion GmbH and the paper processing business of bielomatik GmbH all proudly form part of BW Papersystems Stuttgart.

bielomatik was founded in 1945 in Neuffen, Germany. In 1949, the first paper processing machine was invented and only 2 years later the first automated exercise book line was released. 

Only a few kilometers away from Neuffen based bielomatik, Walter Kugler founded Kugler Automation in 1962 and built its first semi-automatic writing pad machine. In 1973 Hans Wohlfahrt founded Womako Maschinenkonstruktion GmbH and 200 binding machines later, in 1999, Kugler Automation and Womako Maschinenkonstruktionen GmbH merged and became Kugler-Womako GmbH. Kugler-Womako GmbH joined the proud family of Barry-Wehmiller companies in 2014 and bielomatik paper processing division in 2015. Kugler-Womako and newly formed BW Bielomatik company merged into one in 2016 and now operate as one stronger than ever unit, BW Papersystems Stuttgart. Click here for the complete history

How to Find Us

How to find to BW Papersystems Stuttgart

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Apprenticeship at BW Papersystems Stuttgart

Are you fascinated by technology, machines and electronics? Are you interested in what makes a business run? Would you like to launch your career in a company in the capital goods industry? 

At BW Papersystems Stuttgart we offer the following apprenticeships:

Industrial Occupations    
Electronics Engineer for Devices and Systems 
Industrial Mechanic 
Mechatronic Engineer

Technical Occupations
Technical Product Designer

Commercial Occupations
Industrial Business Management Assistant

Would you like to know more? During any of the offered Internships, you will be given the opportunity to take a peek at job you will love.


We also offer a dual study system in the field of business management and industrial engineering to people at the beginning of their careers who are qualified to study at a university or college. In other words: you will study and acquire valuable practical experience at the same time.

In this particularly ambitious form of dual education, students can earn their Bachelor degrees in just 3 ½ years (7 semesters). Theoretical part of the study is done at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg and takes nine to ten weeks per semester to complete. Each module of studies is followed by 13 -14 weeks per semester of practical work at the BW Papersystems Stuttgart.


BW Papersystems offers a wide variety of internships to high-school and university students and retrainees. They are geared in contents and form to the current level of knowledge and individual needs of the trainees. These programs give the trainees the opportunity to become acquainted with the day-to-day work and to acquire valuable experience in different areas and jobs that have to be done in a mechanical engineering company.

The cooperation with students and colleges/universities promotes a more in-depth transfer of know-how.

We offer special internships to high-school students that are designed to meet their particular needs. This gives them a chance to see what the world of work is all about and help them make decisions about their future careers.

Retrainees from other learning institutes are also welcome to complete internships at our company, in the technical as well as in the commercial departments.

You never know: An internship might just be the beginning of a successful career at BW Papersystems.

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We look forward to your application!




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