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Security Documents

Whether you are a passport manufacturer, or a government considering producing passports yourself, a banknote or security printer – we are the worldwide market leader in passport manufacturing machines and currency sheeting machines.

From the know-how gained in paper converting, we have developed passport machine systems and banknote sheeting machines, offering custom-tailored solutions. We are known first-hand for precision and durability.


Application examples

  • Passports

    We developed an efficient modular passport machine system, the PassPort 1-4. It offers customized solutions, including RFID e-passports storing biometric data, high capacity lockstitch sewing, and new cover and chip inlay lamination techniques.

    • PassPort 1 | PassPort Machine for Collating and Sewing
    • PassPort 3 | PassPort Machine for Gold Foil Embossing, Folding and Die-cutting
    • PassPort 4 | PassPort Machine for Number and Chip Programming
    Passport Machine: Passports endproducts
  • Banknote Sheets

    In the production of national currency, a very high level of technology is required. Our banknote and security paper sheeters provide the needed precision and reliability.

    • SHM 1450 SR Sheeter | High-precision, reliable folio sheeter at an excellent price/performance ratio
    Folio-Size Sheeter: SHM 1450 Banknotes


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