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The Plastic Film Manufacturing industry is growing slowly in line with the broader economy, as increased consumer demand and demand from downstream markets drives growth in industry revenue.
As the economy continued to improve over the five years to 2017, the industry experienced a boost in revenue as a result of improved consumer spending. This caused demand for industry products to increase from consumers and food manufacturers, while other downstream markets, such as construction industries, steadily continued to demand plastic film. We can support your growth with our inline sheeting and wrapping solutions!


Application examples

  • Solar Panel Film

    Are you looking for a solution to cut solar panel film to size and efficiently wrap it in an inline solution?

    We provide this new inline solution:

    - The solar cell reel will be converted from reel to Sheets
    - Ream per ream will be accumulated to the ream wrapper
    - The folio ream wrapper wraps and stacks the reams
    - The sizes can be up to 1000 x 2080 mm.


    Application example-solar panels


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