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The paper converting sector, for both cut-size and folio size paper, is extremely competitive. Hence, flexible but efficient production, fast delivery times and outstanding quality are key. BW Papersystems has over 100 years of experience in paper sheeting and converting and stands for leading integrated technology for paper mills and converters. With more than 80% of copy paper production in paper mills worldwide being converted on our sheeting and packaging lines, our track record speaks for itself. No matter if you produce copy paper or large and digital sized paper for the art or print industry – BW Papersystems offers most advanced technology solutions for your mill.

A4 Copy Paper wrapped reams

Application examples

  • A4 & Letter Size Copy Paper

    Our experience offers our customers individually customized machines and complete line solutions for producing office paper at the highest volumes.

    • SLK Procut | Flexible Cut-Size Sheeter 2-6 Pockets for A4 Paper Production
    • SLK 490 | High-Performance Cut-Size Sheeter 7-10 Pockets for A4 Paper Production
    • SLK 470 | Highly automated Cut-Size Sheeter 11-16 Pockets for A4 Paper Production
    • P 22-02 | Flexible Cut-Size Sheeter (2 pockets) for A4 Paper Ream Production
    • P 23-02 | Versatile Cut-Size Sheeter (3 pockets) for A4 Paper Ream Production
    • P 32-02 | Flexible Cut-Size Sheeter for Versatile Converting of A4 Copy Paper or Loose Leaves
    Cut-Size Sheeting: Paper Transport
  • Wrapped Reams & Case-Packed Reams

    For the paper industry, we offer innovative, efficient cut-size ream wrapping and packaging systems, including the field’s highest speed machines.

    • Model 32 | Versatile, Automatic Ream Wrapper
    • Model 33 | High-Speed Ream Wrapper for various ream sizes and wrapping materials
    • Model 390 | High-Speed Paper Ream Wrapping Machine
    • Model 137HS | Ream Stacker/Accumulator
    • Model 163 | Case Packer / Lidder for a wide range of ream sizes
    • Model 162 | High-Speed Case Packer/Lidder
    • Model 123 | Case Inspection/Rejection
    • Model 124 | Ream Inspection/Rejection
    • CSC 60 | Fully Automatic Case Packer
    Paper Ream Wrapper: Ream Wrapping Process
  • Large Format Paper

    BW Papersystems sheeters are the perfect large format paper sheeting solution whether you are a specialty mill, a paper or board converter, a printer, or sheet a variety of sensitive materials. 

    Folio Sheeter: eCon endproduct - Paper Stack
  • Wrapped Reams of Large Format Paper

    Our folio-size ream wrappers are available for different production output and automation needs. All machines are compact, modular and reliable.

    Ream Wrapping Machine: Wrapmatic GREC Reams wrapped on Pallet
  • Digital-Size Paper

    With our digital-size sheeter responding to the demands of the digital printing market for efficiency, productivity, quality and flexibility is easy. The high-precision digital, cut- and folio-size sheeter converts all types of material.

    • DigiCut | Flexible Size Sheeter for cut-size, digital & folio-size products up to B1+
    Digital Size Sheeting: Gripper Carriage


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