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Paper Merchants

The paper converting industry is very competitive, however, offers interesting opportunities and niche markets. As a paper merchant, you can seize these opportunities to secure your place in this market by converting rolls to sheets in-house, offering a wide range of products and highest flexibility. BW Papersystems offers leading technology for all types of paper converting and packaging.

Paper Ream Wrapper: CSW 25 30 75 Endproduct

Application examples

  • A4 & Letter Size Copy Paper

    Our experience offers our customers individually customized machines and complete line solutions for producing office paper at the highest volumes.

    • SLK Procut | Flexible Cut-Size Sheeter 2-6 Pockets for A4 Paper Production
    • SLK 490 | High-Performance Cut-Size Sheeter 7-10 Pockets for A4 Paper Production
    • SLK 470 | Highly automated Cut-Size Sheeter 11-16 Pockets for A4 Paper Production
    • P 22-02 | Flexible Cut-Size Sheeter (2 pockets) for A4 Paper Ream Production
    • P 23-02 | Versatile Cut-Size Sheeter (3 pockets) for A4 Paper Ream Production
    • P 32-02 | Flexible Cut-Size Sheeter for Versatile Converting of A4 Copy Paper or Loose Leaves
    Cut-Size Sheeting: Paper Transport
  • Wrapped Reams & Case Packed Reams

    For the paper industry, we offer innovative, efficient cut-size ream wrapping and packaging systems, including the field’s highest speed machines.

    • Model 32 | Versatile, Automatic Ream Wrapper
    • Model 33 | High-Speed Ream Wrapper for various ream sizes and wrapping materials
    • Model 390 | High-Speed Paper Ream Wrapping Machine
    • Model 137HS | Ream Stacker/Accumulator
    • Model 163 | Case Packer / Lidder for a wide range of ream sizes
    • Model 162 | High-Speed Case Packer/Lidder
    • Model 123 | Case Inspection/Rejection
    • Model 124 | Ream Inspection/Rejection
    • CSC 60 | Fully Automatic Case Packer
    Paper Ream Wrapper: Ream Wrapping Process
  • Large Format Paper

    BW Papersystems sheeters are the perfect large format paper sheeting solution whether you are a specialty mill, a paper or board converter, a printer, or sheet a variety of sensitive materials. 

    Folio Sheeter: eCon endproduct - Paper Stack
  • Wrapped Reams of Large Format Paper / Board

    Our large format ream wrappers are available for different production output and automation needs. All machines are compact, modular and reliable.

    Ream Wrapping Machine: Wrapmatic GREC Reams wrapped on Pallet
  • Digital Size Paper

    With our digital-size sheeter responding to the demands of the digital printing market for efficiency, productivity, quality and flexibility is easy. The high-precision digital, cut- and folio-size sheeter converts all types of material.

    • DigiCut | Flexible Size Sheeter for cut-size, digital & folio-size products up to B1+
    Digital Size Sheeting: Gripper Carriage


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