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  • Wrapped Carpet Tiles

    Are you looking for a new, economic, flexible and high quality solution to wrap carpet tiles, wood tiles, laminated tiles and similar products? Our Wrapmatic GREC Ream Wrapper is the solution for you! The GREC is able to wrap the most common tile sizes and speeds up to 10 packs/min.

    Most common tile sizes:

    Ream Width x Ream Length
    9” x 36” = 3” - 8” stacked in various counts
    18” x 36” = 2” - 5” stacked in various counts
    24” x 24” = 2” - 5.5” stacked in various counts
    12” x 48” = 2” - 5.5” stacked in various counts
    Ream width = short side of ream, running parallel to travel direction
    Ream length = long side of ream running transverse to travel direction

    We are not limited to the above mentioned sizes - just let us know your specific requirements for your needs.

    Wrapped Carpet Tiles- Flooring Industry


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