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  • Presentation of your cylinders printing capabilities

    Are you looking for a machine to proof your printing capabilities to Printing Houses?

    Our Ameco Proofing Press is your solution! No matter if you have new or reworked mechanically engraved and chrome coated cylinders, this machine will proof your success!

    One by one, you can test your cylinders on the Press which has the same or better register accuracy than a rotogravure printer. During the test, you can print on foil or paper.

    We know, that the printing quality is your key to success!

    That's why the Ameco Proofing Press incorporates all the innovations and technical solutions that are necessary to reproduce the printing quality of the cylinders at the highest standards.


    Ameco Raster Rotogravure Proofing Presses For Gravure Cylinders-Products


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