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If you are producing coated or uncoated large format paper for the art industry or cutting 500 tons per day of Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) paperboard, BW Papersystems has a folio sheeter for your production needs.  You need to be assured of smooth, stable production lines that give you 24-hour performance and produce high-quality end products. Our unparalleled cut quality, press-ready stack quality, and options for defect detection will ensure that all loads that leave your facility will not come back with a claim.  Our folio sheeting portfolio contains machines that are high speed and fully automated to the machine that can fit your fast change over small runs and everything in between.  Our constant commitment to research and development will ensure that our solution for your mill will be the most advanced technology available.

Large format board sheets wrapped packed

Application examples

  • Large Format Board Sheets

    BW Papersystems sheeters are the perfect large format board sheeting solution whether you are a specialty mill, a paper or board converter, a printer, or sheet a variety of sensitive materials. 

    Folio Sheeter: eCon endproduct - Paper Stack
  • Wrapped Reams of Board

    Our folio-size ream wrappers are available for different production output and automation needs. All machines are compact, modular and reliable.

    Ream Wrapping Machine: Wrapmatic GREC Reams wrapped on Pallet
  • Die Cut Boxes

    BW Papersystems' Rotary Die Cutters are designed to perform in the most demanding production environments and provide the ability to create virtually an unlimited variety of shapes and sizes of corrugated box styles such as displays, shelf ready packaging, beverage cases, telescope design style containers (DSC), self-erecting six corner trays, and common pizza and carry case boxes. 

    Vacuum Stacker: VAC Stacker Machine details
  • Folded Boxes

    BW Papersystems' Flexo Folder Gluers / Case Makers are designed to handle a wide range of products and configurations. They produce corrugated regular slotted (RSC) and half-slotted containers (HSC) with a glued manufacturer joint and top and/or bottom flaps. Flexo Folder Gluers also create pre-glued auto bottom with RSC top flap, one-piece folder to wrap around blanks, rigid-type boxes, ready-glued cases, and many others. With an inline die cut section the corrugated product capabilities increase to include boxes of various shapes and designs, including the ability to produce flat unfolded die cut boxes.

    Corrugated Box
  • Two Boxes from one Sheet

    After a Flexo Folder Gluer (Casemaker) produces a 2-up corrugated regular slotted (RSC) or half-slotted container (HSC), the Twin Box Slitter separates the finished product by slitting it down the middle, creating two boxes out of one fed sheet. Once the boxes are separated, they are ready to be bundled. This process allows manufacturers with a mid-sized Flexo Folder Gluer to efficiently create a wide range of corrugated box sizes from very small to large on one machine with the potential to double productivity at the same time.

    Twin Box Slitter


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