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BW Papersystems combines extremely strong brands, innovative technologies, and long standing experience for the sheeting & packaging, stationery, book binding, security documents, corrugating & finishing industries.

Select the industry you are in to learn more about our machine offerings for your industry and learn how our machines exactly fit your needs.

  • Stationery Industry

    Countless numbers of children around the world have studied reading, writing and arithmetic with exercise books and pads made on our machines. Stationery manufacturers prefer our know-how and experience.

  • Book Binding Industry

    No other industry has experienced as much recent change as commercial printing. Digital media is gaining ground as an advertising medium. For you as a commercial printer, this means your production process has to be flexible and cost-effective in order to meet the new market realities.

  • Corrugating Industry

    BW Papersystems is a leading supplier of a full range of corrugated equipment. Legendary MarquipWardUnited technology is outfitted with modern PC-based machine controls, diagnostics and order change methods with speeds up to 460 MPM (1500 FPM) and machine widths up to 2.85 m (112 in.). Machines can be purchased as a full line or as individual machines to suit the needs of the customer.

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  • Box Makers

    With a variety of sizes from the mini 27” x 71” (678 mm x 1800 mm) to the jumbo 75” x 185” (1905 mm x 4700 mm), we supply Rotary Die Cutters and Flexo Folder Gluers that are durable, reliable, and easy to operate. Our heavy duty machinery is designed to withstand the most demanding production environments, maximizing your output to help your business grow.

  • Folding Carton Producers

    Increasingly innovative solutions are transforming the packaging industry. The recent trend towards smaller production runs has given way to a focus on producing high-volume runs in an efficient manner.

  • Paper Merchants

    The paper converting industry is very competitive, however, offers interesting opportunities and niche markets. As a paper merchant, you can seize these opportunities to secure your place in this market by converting rolls to sheets in-house, offering a wide range of products and highest flexibility.

  • Commercial Printers

    For you as a commercial Printer your production process has to be flexible and cost-effective in order to meet the new market realities. We want to support your efforts with our machine products and solutions.

  • Paper Mills

    BW Papersystems has over 100 years of experience in paper sheeting and converting and stands for leading integrated technology for paper mills and converters.

  • Paper Converters

    Versatility is the key to growth and niche markets in the extremely competitive paper converting sector. No matter if you are converting traditional copy paper or new digital paper sizes, and whether your company is a newcomer in the market or you are looking to expand your commercial activities - play the game and always stay one step ahead of your competitor.

  • Board Mills

    If you are producing coated or uncoated large format paper for the art industry or cutting 500 tons per day of Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) paperboard, BW Papersystems has a folio sheeter for your production needs.

  • Board Converters

    Whether you are a single machine facility cutting short runs for quick turnaround or a high volume converter cutting grades from Clay Coated News Back (CCNB) paperboard to label stock, BW Papersystems has a folio solution for you to take full advantage of in-house sheeting.

  • RFID Industry

    Under the BW Bielomatik brand name we offer a modular high-speed manufacturing platform for the entire value chain of RFID production.

  • Manufacturer of Labels

    BW Papersystems offers high-speed precision machinery to manufacturers of wet glue labels.

  • Litho-Laminator Industry

    Litho-laminated cartons combine corrugated board with lithographic printed sheets which is also known as “litho” or “offset”.  Litho printing provides comparatively high-quality print quality making this product desirable when excellent print quality is essential.

  • Flooring Industry

    Are you looking for a new, economic, flexible and high quality solution to wrap carpet tiles, wood tiles, laminated tiles and similar products? We have the solution for you!

  • Cylinder Producer

    You as a cylinder producer want to make sure that you can present your printing capabilities to your customers. We have the solution for you!

  • Paper Bag Industry

    Paper bags packaging are essential components of modern life which is expected to create substantial market revenue growth in near future owing to need of eco-friendly packaging. Paper bags are a multi-purpose and cost-efficient method to protect, preserve and transport a wide range of products.

  • Plastic Film Manufacturer

    The Plastic Film Manufacturing industry is growing slowly in line with the broader economy, as increased consumer demand and demand from downstream markets drives growth in industry revenue. We can support your growth with our inline sheeting and wrapping solutions!



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