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The brand WillPemcoBielomatik evolved from the combination of the renowned brands E.C.H. Will and Pemco and the paper processing product line of Bielomatik. WillPemcoBielomatik stands for leading integrated technology for paper and board mills and paper and stationery converters. Besides entry-level cut-size and flexible digital-size sheeting solutions, it includes highly efficient cut-size sheeters with up to 16 pockets for the production of copy paper as well as versatile paper wrapping and packaging solutions. In addition to solutions for high-performance, mark-free folio-size sheeting of paper and board, WillPemcoBielomatik offers modular fully automatic exercise book and notebook production machinery as well as book-on-demand binding lines, digital print finishing and RFID processing technology.

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Stationery & Book Binding » Exercise Book Machines

    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineAlphaFOverview
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineEndProducts
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineTrimmer
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineBookDelivery
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineStitchingHeads

    Alpha F

    The ideal solution for semi-automatic production of exercise books and folded sheets.

    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineMachineOverview
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineEndproducts
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineStitchingHeads
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineEndproducts
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineTrimmer
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineStitching

    Alpha RF

    Flexible, fully automatic & cost-efficient production of exercise books in highest quality - from the paper reel to high-quality stationery

Stationery & Book Binding » ​Ruling Machines

    • PaperRulingMachineAlphaR
    • PaperRulingMachineAlphaRPotentialSystemSolutionsProductsSpiralBinding
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineInlineDeepPile

    Alpha R

    The efficient and versatile ruling machine for manufacturing pre-products for subsequent processing into spiral-bound and glue-bound articles.

Cut-Size Sheeters & Packaging » Cut-Size Packaging Machines

    • PaperReamWrapperCSW253075machineoverview
    • PaperReamWrappingMachineCSW253075machineoverview
    • ReamWrapperCSW253075wrappingprocess
    • PaperReamWrapperCSW253075Endproduct
    • ReamWrappingMachineCSW253075rollstand

    CSW 25 / CSW 30

    Inline or stand-alone, size variable ream wrapping in Kraft paper from reel or sheet dispenser or in PP film from reel.

    • AutomaticCasePackerCSC60
    • AutomaticCasePacker-CSC60Machineoverview
    • AutomaticCasePacker-CSC60casingprocess
    • AutomaticCasePackerCSC60casingprocess

    CSC 60

    Fully automatic, intermittent motion case packer for multilayer package of wrapped cut size reams - for connection to a medium-speed cut size line.


    • ReamInspectionSystemModel124Machineoverview
    • ReamInspectionProcess
    • ReamInspectionReams
    • ReamInspectionTransport
    • ReamInspectionMachine

    Model 124

    Precise, accurate inspection of wrapped reams and automatic, in-line rejection
    of defective reams

    • CaseInspectionSystemModel123Machineoverview
    • CaseInspectionRejectStation
    • CaseInspectionCaseInspectionProcess
    • CaseInspectionCaseInspectionProcess
    • CaseInspectioncasessingledouble

    Model 123

    Precise inspections of all cases for defects and packaging quality, including a simple,
    ergonomic case re-insertion mode

    • AutomaticCasePackerModel162machineoverview
    • AutomaticCasePackerModel162LidLoad
    • AutomaticCasePackerModel162Caseprocess
    • AutomaticCasePackerModel162Casing

    Model 162

    Precise, high-speed casing of single or double-stacked reams with only limited operator Interface.

    • CartonizerModel163Machineoverview
    • CartonizerModel163Cartonizing
    • CartonizerModel163Details
    • CartonizerModel163CartonizingProcess
    • Cartonizercasecasessingledouble

    Model 163

    Versatile cartoning of a wide range of ream sizes in both two-piece or wrap around style boxes.

    • ReamStackerModel137
    • ReamStackerModel137Conveyor
    • ReamStackerModel137MachineOverview
    • ReamStackerModel137Endproduct
    • ReamStackerModel137Collecting
    • ReamStackerModel137Transport

    Model 137HS

    The Model 137HS ream stacker/accumulator precisely stacks reams to preset height and ensures smooth product handling.

    • Machineoverview
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailViewWrappingProcess
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailViewUnwindstation
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailViewReamTransport
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailViewWrappingProcess

    Model 390

    The new Model 390 is ideal for integration with high-volume cut-size sheeting operations where exceptional quality is a must. The machine is designed for high-speed wrapping of standard U.S. and metric ream sizes.

    • PaperReamWrapperModel33MachineOverview
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailView
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailView
    • Detailviewmachine

    Model 33

    The Model 33 ream wrapper combines speed (up to 120 reams/min., A4), servo drive technology, and ream size flexibility. It is designed for worldwide metric standards and precise ream packaging in kraft, laminate & polypropylene wrapping materials.

    • PaperReamWrapperModel32Machineoverview
    • DetailviewPaperReamWrapper-Wrappingprocess
    • DetailviewPaperReamWrapper-Wrappingprocess
    • DetailviewPaperReamWrapper-Wrappingprocess

    Model 32

    The Model 32 ream wrapper is designed for mid-speed wrapping of all metric and standard U.S. ream sizes including half-ream packages.

Cut-Size Sheeters & Packaging » Cut-Size ​Sheeting Machines

    • Cut-SizeSheeterforA4PaperProductionSLK490
    • Cut-SizeSheetingPaperTransport
    • Cut-SizeSheetingCollecting
    • Cut-SizeSheetingUnwindStation
    • Cut-SizeSheetingSlitterSection
    • Sideview_SLK490

    SLK 490

    Available with 7 up to 10 pockets, the SLK 490 series sets standards in mass converting of all common paper grades. It offers high-performance with speeds of up to 450 m/min, at maximum cost-effectiveness.

    • Cut-SizeSheeterforA4PaperProductionSLK470
    • Cut-SizeSheetingDischarge
    • Cut-SizeSheetingSLK470CrossCutter
    • Cut-SizeSheetingNon-StopUnwindStation
    • Cut-SizeSheetingSLK470overview

    SLK 470

    Highly automated, high-performance cut-size paper production. Available with 11 up to 16 pockets, the SLK 470 series offers intelligent processes and sophisticated technologies to provide trouble-free, non-stop and efficient production.

    • Cut-SizeSheeterforA4PaperProductionSLKProCut
    • Cut-SizePaperProductionSLKProcutoverview
    • Cut-SizePaperProductionDischarge

    SLK Procut

    Available with 2 up to 6 pockets, the SLK Procut series stands for converting diversity. This sheeter converts virtually all common paper types and grades.

    • Cut-SizeSheeterforA4PaperProductionP32-02
    • A4PaperProductionP32-02Endproduct
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP32-02Wrapper
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP32-02CrossCutter
    • A4PaperProductionP32-02TapeSection
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP32-02Slitter

    P 32-02

    The P32-02 is a reliable automatic cut-size sheeter (2 pockets) with optional inline ream wrapper (CSW 25, CSW 30 or Pemco Model 32) and cartonizer (CSC 60) for converting cut-size paper in small to medium production runs and with sizes ranging from A4 to A3 (8 1/2“ x 11“ up to 11“ x 17“).

    • Cut-SizeSheeterforA4PaperProductionP23-02
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP23-02CrossCutter
    • Cut-SizeSheeterWrapperP23-02wrapper
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP23-02Slitter

    P 23-02

    Flexible cut-size sheeter for versatile converting of copy paper or loose leaves
    including optional inline ream wrapper and cartonizer

    • Cut-SizeSheeterP22-02forA4PaperProduction
    • A4PaperProductionP22-02Endproduct
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP22-02forA4PaperProductionReamWrapper
    • A4PaperProductionP22-02tapesection
    • A4PaperProductionP22-02Crosscutter
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP22-02Slitter

    P 22-02

    Flexible cut-size sheeter for versatile converting of copy paper or loose leaves including optional inline ream wrapper.

Folio-Size Sheeters & Packaging » Folio-Size ​Sheeting Machines

    • Folio-SizeSheeterSHM1450SRMachineOverview
    • Folio-SizeSheeterSHM1450MachineinProductionSlitter
    • Folio-SizeSheeterSHM1450Stacks
    • Folio-SizeSheeterSHM1450MachineinProduction
    • Folio-SizeSheeterSHM1450MachineOverview

    SHM 1450 SR Sheeter

    The SHM 1450 Single Rotary sheeter is as flexible as your customers’ demands are: converting all sheet sizes and various products from conventional paper and board to premium and specialty products; this sheeter lets you flexibly react to all market requirements. Learn more about the SHM 1450 SR Sheeter machine.

Folio-Size Sheeters & Packaging » Folio-Size ​Packaging Machines

    • WrapmaticGRM
    • reamsofpaper
    • GRMconponent

    Wrapmatic GRM

    This fully automatic folio-size ream wrapper, suitable for sizes from 297 x 420 mm (A3) up to 1,000 x 1,400 mm, efficiently wraps up to 17 reams/minute and handles all sorts of paper, board or aluminium plates.

    • Folio-SizeReamWrapper-FSW500HL
    • FolioSizeReamWrapperFSW500Depalletizer
    • FolioSizeReamWrapperFSW500WrappingProcess
    • FolioSizeReamWrapperFSW500WrappingProcess

    WrapMaster FSW 500HL

    This fully automatic folio-size ream wrapper is a reliable, sturdy machine, ideal for smooth and heavy-duty operations at paper mills. Available with lateral infeed of up to 3 piles.

    • Folio-SizeReamWrapper-FSW500MachineOverview

    WrapMaster FSW 500C

    This fully automatic folio-size ream wrapper is a reliable, sturdy machine, ideal for smooth and heavy-duty operations at paper mills. Available with straight infeed of one pile.

Banknote Production

    • BanknoteSheeterP25_85_Overview_Reammachine
    • BanknoteSheeterP25-85_Overview_Stackmachine
    • P25-85_Web
    • P25-85_34_Web
    • P25-85_13_Web
    • IMG_4623_Web
    • P25-85_20_Web
    • P25-85_15_Web
    • P25-85_14_web
    • P25-85_11_Web
    • P25-85_35_Web
    • P25-85_42_Web

    P25-85 Stack / Ream Machine

    The P 25-85 is a  high-precision, reliable, state of the art cut to register folio sheeter for the converting of banknote and security paper materials from reel into sheet.  Available as stack and ream machine depending on customer requirements. We set a benchmark in the banknote sheeting over the last decades and we are proud that most of the currencies worldwide are converted on our machines. 



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