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    • 2005 SHM 1450SR-HS Sheeter

    Used 2005 1450SR-HS Sheeter

    This used single-knife sheeter is a 1450 mm (57”) wide machine with shaftless unwind stands, Tidland slitting unites, a motorized decurler, and a dancer tensioning system. It also includes a knife outfeed tape belt section, overlap vacuum, shingling section, and more.

    • GRM WM

    Used 2011 GRM Folio-Size Ream Wrapper

    This ream wrapper is historically part of PEMCO but is now part of BW Papersystems. It can operate up to 17 reams/min, and has depalletizer, unwind station, ream wrapping section, buffer belt conveyor, and palletizer system.

    • Falcon_Board-Converters

    Falcon for Paper Converters

    The new Falcon combines renown technologies and know-how from Jagenberg, E.C.H. Will, Bielomatik and Marquip. This high-performance, cost-effective folio sheeter runs a broad range of paper products and is an ideal sheeter for all paper converters. Learn more about the Falcon for Paper Converters.

    • Falcon_Board-Mills

    Falcon for Board Mills

    The new Falcon sheeter combines renown technologies and know-how from Jagenberg, E.C.H. Will, Bielomatik and Marquip. This means not only high-output, non-marking product quality but also a reliable sheeter with various splicing and automation options. Learn more about the Falcon for Board Mills.

    • Falcon_Paper Mills_for website

    Falcon for Paper Mills

    The new Falcon sheeter combines legendary technologies from Jagenberg, E.C.H. Will, Bielomatik and Marquip. This means not only highest levels in cut quality, cleanliness and accuracy but also a flexible, highly-productive sheeter that perfectly suited for 24-hour operation in paper mills. Learn more about the Falcon for Paper Mills.

    • 4-13-2018 7-18-39aa PM

    Used 2001 Jagenberg Paper Delivery

    This used 2001 Jagenberg Speedwind Paper Delivery machine unwinds with decurl, tension control, and 5 bridge mounted roll stand arms. It also includes pneumatic brakes and standard chucks for ease-of-use.

    • Preowned MWU 1997 100L Knife

    KNIFE: Used 1997 MWU Knife

    This as-is machine uses energy efficient drives and active control cabinet cooling electronics. Our 100L Model III Liquid Cooled DBL Level Knife features dual rotary knife cylinders with helical-wound blades.

    • Used 2001 Valmet TSK DD Sheeter

    Used 2001 Valmet TSK-DD Sheeter

    The TSK -DD Sheeter provides direct delivery from knife to piler bay. It features cut to register, a decurler unit, and tension control.  Additionally, it includes a V00117 Twin Servo Knife and an offset pivoting guide for single web

    • Used Dry End Corrugator

    Pre-Owned 2006 MWU MCS, Knife, Stacker

    This pre-owned machine adds efficiency and power to your finishing equipment line. The Model 3 Double Level 100L Knife with Model IV Knife Outfeed features right hand discharge and varying sheet lengths for lower and upper levels.

    • Model I 87 inch splicer used corrugator equipment

    SPLICER: Used Model I Splicer

    Our used Model I splicer ranges in speed from 150 MPM (500 FPM) - 230 MPM (750 FPM). This machine uses both a Single and Double Dancer system, with automatic tension control. Maximum paper width reaches up to 2,200 mm (87 in).

    • Used Valmet 2003 TSK Sheeter

    Used 2003 As-Is Valmet TSK Sheeter

    The Valmet TSK Sheeter is a dual rotary knife, with one web tension control,  a 1500 mm (59”) pile height, and overlap tail blowdown. It is sold as-is.

    • Used Corrugator Splicer

    SPLICER: Used As-Is Model IM Splicer

    This as-is splicer runs as if it's brand new with a speed of 275 MPM (900 FPM). The machine can handle paper widths up to 2500 mm and uses a Double Dancer system.

    • Ameco Raster Rotogravure Proofing Presses For Gravure Cylinders

    AMECO Rotogravure Proofing Press

    Ameco Proofing Press with a wide range of sizes for multiple industry sectors such as Security, Envelope, Label, Packaging and Decorative Printing or Publication.

    • RFID Machine: SmartOne
    • RFID Machine: RFID transponder
    • RFID Machine: SpeedLiner Machine Details
    • RFID Machine: SpeedLiner Endproduct
    • RFID Machine: SpeedLiner RFID cards

    SmartOne T-250

    The SmartOne T-250 wet inlay and label attaching machine accepts 10 inch web widths, incorporating the innovative features of BW Bielomatik RFID converting machines built during the last two decades.

    • Exercise Book Making Machine: P15-90,p25-90, Machine Overview
    • Exercise Book Making Machine: P15-90, P25-90, Endproducts

    P 15-90

    The fully automatic excercise book line is a highly sophisticated solution for the fabrication of wire-stitched exercise books, ruled and unruled preproducts, folded sheets or country specific finished products.

    • VortX Starch Kitchen
    • VortX F3 Adhesive Mixing System

    VortX Tornado F3 Automatic Starch Mixing System

    The VortX Tornado F3 automatic starch mixing system maximizes efficiency on your product line. Learn more.

    • BW Papersystems IMX Splicer and Roll Stand

    Corrugator Splicers

    BW Papersystems is a leading corrugator splicer manufacturer and supplier. Learn more about our compact, high-speed splicers today.

    • Glue-Machine-4
    • Glue-Machine-3
    • Glue-Machine
    • Glue Machine Detail

    Eagle Glue Machine

    Operator and Maintenance friendly Glue Machine designed to provide precise application of starch

    • starch kitchen

    VortX Tornado F3

    Fully Automatic Starch Mixing System

    • Doublefacer
    • MarquipWardUnited’s Cool-Vac Doublefacer design minimizes the length of the pulling section and allows the heating length to be easily configured for given space and product mix requirements.
    • Corrugator Components: Cool-Vac Doublefacer Belts
    • Hot Plates on the CoolVac Doublefacer

    Cool-Vac Doublefacer

    Vacuum Traction Section eliminates crush and web weave while improving board quality

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